bBold Tan Lotion – Dark πŸ‘™


Hi guys,

When it comes to my skin i’m lucky that in the summer i’m quite tanned but I find that by September i’m back to a milk bottle.

I think a tan makes a huge difference so I nearly always have some kind of tan on for Autumn/Winter.

Being tangoed though is much worse than being pasty white so that’s not a look we’re going for either. This unfortunately is so easy to do as a lot of tans come up wrong.

I exfoliated well the day before hand. To do this I used exfoliating gloves, shower gel and body scrub. Shaved my legs the day before.

How I applied it:
I had nothing on my skin beforehand, no moisturisers etc except for on the dry patches- elbows, knees and ankles.
I used my bBold tanning mitt. I started on my legs and worked my way up, I then applied a second layer to my legs as they never seem to end up as dark as the rest of my body.
It was easy to apply as it was quite thick and dark in colour so I could see where I was applying it clearly.
It dried pretty quickly and I got dressed about 5 mins after ( into loose clothing).
I then went to bed and rinsed it off the next morning.

How it developed:
I woke up to find myself a dark brown.
I lightly rinsed it off, I was delighted with the golden brown it turned out as sometimes I find tan looks fab the next morning and then after washing it off i’m back to my natural skin tone nearly.
I was really happy with the results, It was stunning natural golden brown.
It was so even, there were no streaks.


It’s very important to moisturise every day after applying to maintain your tan the best you can, bBold is ment to last up to 7 days. So far I have had mine on for 5 days and it’s still perfect.

It’s enriched with aloe vera, cocoa butter and vitamin E.

bBold can be bought in Boots and most pharmacies such as McCabes pharmacy.

bBold Flawless Legs:


I also tried bBold’s Flawless Legs.
It’s instant tan but it’s water resistant which is v handy for our weather!

It’s very smooth and easy to apply. It also has a nice smell! It’s leg makeup so it also covers imperfections such as veins to give an even skin tone and flawless legs.

It’s easy to remove too, you just use soap and warm water.

Have you tried bBold? What did you think of it?
What else do you recommend? I’d be interested to hear.

Love Emma X



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