Couture Lights Hair Makeover – Gerard Paul Hairdressing ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿ’‡

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Hi Guys,

So, On Friday I went to Gerard Paul Hairdressers in Goatstown for my hair makeover. I went for ‘Couture Lights’ and quite a layered cut. The lovely Ashley looked after my hair. She’s amazing at colour, she’s so up to date on the latest hair trends. Here’s all the deets about my hair.


We decided to go a bit lighter for Spring/Summer! I went for a full head of Couture Lights. Couture lights give the look of grown out colour which is a must have look this Season. It’s very festival-like so perfect for Electric Picnic etc this Summer! It’s also all over the runway lately.



I love this look I think it’s so natural in comparison to a full head of highlights or the bleached look. It’s also so much easier to maintain as you don’t have roots after a few weeks! That used to be the bane of my life!


To wash out the colour, Ashley used Kerastase Resistance Bain De Force Shampoo, It reinforces and resurfaces weakened hair.


She then put Kerastase Reflection ‘Masque Chroma Richa’ in my hair andย left itย for a few minutes. This made my hair so soft and smooth and made it look so glossy and shiny!


My hair was so in need of a good cut! The ends were all over the place and it had barely any style to it at all! I had to get a bit off but still tried to keep most of the length! We went for a very layered look to create more volume.

Next, I got a curly botox blowdry using L’Oreal’s Serioxyl serum.

This is amazing! It gives an instant thickening effect for thin or fine hair! (which unforch I have).

images (1)

To style my hair, Ashley used L’Oreal Tecni Art Super Dust. I absolutelyย love this, I was amazed by it! It gives the hair so much volume!

It’s just basically a powder that you sprinkle into the hair and it gives an instant volumised, matt finish.


rsz_11080976_10153718504557468_3109734649481175191_n (2)


I then had my makeup done by their beauty therapist and makeup artitst, Sarah McNamee.

Sarah used Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. She used a lighter shade on my T-Zone and a darker shade around my face to create a natural, contoured look.

download (1)

For my eyes, We went for a smokey look. Sarah used Mac eyeshadows in cranberry and purple shades to contrast my green eyes. I loved this look the eyeshadow colours were stunning. To finish the look, liquid eyeliner and a flick of course.

Nude lipgloss on the lips which I loved!

11080976_10153718504557468_3109734649481175191_n (2)

I would highly recommend Gerard Paul Hairdressers, it definitely lives up to it’s five stars. The actual salon is gorgeous and the staff couldn’t be more passionate and friendly. I was certainly pampered!

A huge thank you to Ashley and Sarah.

Love Emma X


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