Russian Lashes – Simply Beautyg

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Hey guys,

Today I got Russian style eyelashes done in Simply Beauty.  The salon is so nicely decorated and such a relaxing environment. They have so many treatments available. It’s located in Sandyford, just beside the Beacon.

My lashes took about an hour and a half/2 hours. It flew by though cause all I had to do was lie there with my eyes closed!

I absolutely love my lashes i’m so happy with them! They’re so natural as a few ultralight lashes are applied on each natural lash but they’re still noticeable! Looking forward to not having to apply fake eyelashes next time I go out!

Russian style lashes are also mink but feel a lot softer in comparison to mink. My eyelashes are so long and perfectly curled! i’ll keep you updated on how long they last etc! I’ll also post photos with makeup on as these are all without.

Why not make an appointment now?? Head over to

Love Emma X


One thought on “Russian Lashes – Simply Beautyg

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