Baby B Browne Tan – Review👙

Hi girls!

I only recently came accross BabyBBrowne, they were kind enough to send me some to try! 

Baby B Browne is ‘an easy to apply, long-lasting, non-sticky and streak free self-tanning range that cares for your skin by using premium high-grade ingredients. The products are formulated to react with each individual’s skin pigment, giving a natural looking tan specific to you.’

Their self tanning lotion has moisturising so it leaves your skin feeling so smooth! It also has a really nice smell when applying! 
Baby B Browne only comes in one colour – Medium! This is because it is intended to react with different skin pigments. I haven’t heard of any other tan doing this! It’s so unique and in my opinion it suited my skin tone very well! It looked like my skin when I have a real tan so it’s definitely a thumbs up from me! 

I’m sure you’re all well used to applying your own tan but here’s how I applied it, maybe you’ll get a few tips from it! 

  1. Prep: I exfoliated and shaved the day before.  

    2.  Application: moisturised dry areas eg. Knees

  • Used tanning mitt to apply evenly. The tan is dark brown so you can see exactly where you’ve applied it! It’s quite thick as it’s a lotion but still very smooth to apply.
  • It dried quite quickly


3. How it Developed: 

Loved the how it developed! I was very dark next morning! It washed off lighter and completely even, such a natural colour! 

You can buy BabyBBrowne from their website –! They have free delivery and their self tanning lotion is reduced to £9.95 at the moment! 




Love Emma X 



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