Hi guys,

I’m only getting around to doing a Halloween post now! I know it was over a week ago but I figured it’s better late than never!

So, I think we should definitely all say Gluck and goodbye to the Halloween shops’ costumes like ‘French maid’, please, spare me. For years, Halloween has been a time when young girls dress in these really revealing outfits, I’m not going to lie I’ve done it myself. Finally it’s coming to an end and at least the current scary, dead make up craze is a bit more ‘Halloweeny’ than a corset and tutu.

In my opinion, a homemade Halloween costume (if done well) is 100 times better. Anything you’ve put thought and effort into is bound to be better than just drawing whiskers on your face.

So, this year I decided that rather than spending 30+ on a costume i’d just make my own. Didn’t really end up making a costume as such, just made a ‘halloween outfit’? I only decided to make it on Halloween day so don’t be too judgemental! I spent 6.95 on fabric, I made a crop top and then sewed the rest of the fabric to a black skirt to make myself a little co ord. It did the job!


I decided with this outfit I could kind of be anything along the lines of a Vampire or which if I added makeup &/or accessories. I decided to do Vampire makeup


Here’s another look I did coming up to Halloween (devil😈):


Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

Emma X


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