Penneys/Primark Contour crayons

Penneys have really upped their game lately when it comes to their makeup, They’re PS just keeps getting better and better! I love their lipliners, lipsticks, lip crayons. Their makup brushes are also excellent for such a cheap price. They’re rose gold too which is the most important thing!

I spotted their contour crayons when they were just in and knew they’d fly out straight away! For only 3.50 how could you go wrong? The set has three colours: a light ‘highlight’, a medium shade ‘bronze’ and a darker brown ‘shade’.

I really like them I use them a lot for college etc during the day. They’re similar to the NYX wonder sticks. However, they don’t blend as easily. You have to blend them pretty much as soon as you’ve put it on your face for the best result.

I use a damp beauty blender to blend or my brush from Penneys which has a foundation brush at one end (I use for dark shades) and a sponge on the other (I use for lighter shades).

I sometimes use the medium bronze shade as a lipstick as it’s such a lovley light brown shade which I always find hard to find especially in drugstore! It’s matte which is amazing but it’s not drying as it has to be smooth to blend on the skin. A win win!

Emma Lou X




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