WATCH: My Beauty Faves

Hi guys!

I always enjoy watching other’s current beauty faves so I decided to show you mine! As always I use a lot of budget friendly but excellent products. I also asked what videos you would be interested in on my snapchat and a good few seemed to request my beauty faves so of course I had to record it at some point!


I tried to vary the products I was talking about. I suggested my current favourite tan, primer, concealer, lip balm, cleanser, contour palette, highlighter etc.

My absolute favourite product I mentioned is definitely the SOSU contour palette. As I say in the video, all of the shades are amazing. It’s so so handy to have cream and powder contour shades and a gorge highlighter all in the one palette. All products mentioned and where they are available are listed in the description box of ‘My Beauty Faves‘ video.



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As always, I appreciate all of your support,

Emma Lou X

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