Face Masks I’m LOVING



Anyone who knows me knows I have such dry, dehydrated skin. So, this mask is exactly what my skin needed! Left my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated. It also reduced wrinkles which is obviously a huge plus! Gotta stop this ageing thing ASAP.               Leaves skin feeling so fresh also.

Buy it here.






I luckily don’t suffer from breakouts often but the one things I’m self conscious of when it comes to my skin is my blackheads. This charcoal mask completely detoxes your skin, it cleanses pores and blackheads in just 10 mins!

You can literally feel it working as it starts to foam when you put it on your face.  However, you do look like a transformer while wearing it but it’s only for 10 minutes I promise!

Buy it here.

charcoal mask.jpg



Both face masks are from Beauty along with lots of other beauty products!


Emma Louise X


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