My Beauty Bay order



Hey Guys!

It has been WAY too long since i’ve written a blogpost! Feels like years. It’s bloody ridiculous I should be put in the bin but I’ve been working hard on my YouTube! Woo! We finally got there. I will definitely be also doing a video for my channel (EmmaLou) including these Beauty Bay products so keep an eye.


So, I ordered from for the first time the other day so I thought I’d tell you a bit about it since a lot of you seem to be interested.

I ordered on Tuesday and my order arrived on Thursday! They said 5-7 working days so that was amazing. It was €100.70 for 9 Makeup Geek eyeshadows, a pigment and Morphe’s 12 piece makeup brush set, They then let me choose a free gift so I chose the St.Tropez gradual tan in shower lotion!





I mainly wanted to order Makeup Geek eyeshadows as I’ve heard so many good things about them. I had researched them to death and by researched I mean watched endless YouTube videos about them to decide which colours I needed to try!

The eyeshadows are €5.90 each which is pretty affordable as they’re the same price as Ingot’s eyeshadows. I just love how they’re all magnetic so you can put them in any flexi palette’s you’d like. So handy!



I chose the colours (Front left to right^):





Peach smoothie



Lemon Drop

Secret Garden


I also bought a Makeup Geek pigment ‘Vegas Lights’.  It was €8.70 for 1.4g. It’s a stunning rose gold pigment! I can’t count the amount of times I have went to Mac and Inglot to buy similar pigments (for double the price) and they’re sold out!



I am in desperate need of eyeshadow brushes for blending out all these eyeshadows so i decided to get Morphe brushes 706 12 piece black and white travel brush set. It was €25.30 which I think is soo affordable but we’ll have to see how good they are! (I’ll keep you posted on my snapchat)

I got their M459 flat contour brush as well as I’ve heard it’s great. It was €12.20.






Hope this was helpful! Any questions at all please ask me I love hearing from you!


Emma Lou X


Nivea MEN Post shaving balm – as primer? 

Hi Guys, 

Been a while since i’ve written a blogpost! I’ve been just trying to get by using my social media sites and especially trying to get the hang of snapchat! Promise blogposts will be a lot more regular now when college finishes up! 

Anyway, I’ve seen the hype about this product or a good while but only recently got around to buying it myself. 

I’m one of those people who’s not great for remembering to put on primer and lately i’ve been trying my best to get myself into the habit of putting it on. I’ve been getting really bad blackheads so i’m hoping primer might help that!

I’ve used post shaving balm a couple of times now and i’m loving it! I liked it the first time I put it on but wasn’t sure if it would do much to keep my makeup on! It was amazing my makeup was still in very good knick even after a night out! 

I use it during the day aswell as at night and I think it does a great job! I’m all for cheap and affordable for us students and it’s only €6.95 in Boots! Amazing! The bottle is huge too so I’d imagine it will last for a good while! 

Hope that helped anyone thinking of purchasing!

Emma Lou X



Hi guys,

I’m only getting around to doing a Halloween post now! I know it was over a week ago but I figured it’s better late than never!

So, I think we should definitely all say Gluck and goodbye to the Halloween shops’ costumes like ‘French maid’, please, spare me. For years, Halloween has been a time when young girls dress in these really revealing outfits, I’m not going to lie I’ve done it myself. Finally it’s coming to an end and at least the current scary, dead make up craze is a bit more ‘Halloweeny’ than a corset and tutu.

In my opinion, a homemade Halloween costume (if done well) is 100 times better. Anything you’ve put thought and effort into is bound to be better than just drawing whiskers on your face.

So, this year I decided that rather than spending 30+ on a costume i’d just make my own. Didn’t really end up making a costume as such, just made a ‘halloween outfit’? I only decided to make it on Halloween day so don’t be too judgemental! I spent 6.95 on fabric, I made a crop top and then sewed the rest of the fabric to a black skirt to make myself a little co ord. It did the job!


I decided with this outfit I could kind of be anything along the lines of a Vampire or which if I added makeup &/or accessories. I decided to do Vampire makeup


Here’s another look I did coming up to Halloween (devil😈):


Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

Emma X


Platinum Hair Extensions


Hi Ladies,

Up until a few months ago I had never had hair extensions before but I felt that my hair was so thin and boring! My hairdresser used to always say my Wezz days of backcombing were to blame for my hair’s thinness, but, oh well!

I was definitely influenced by all the ‘Great length’ and ‘Gold Fever Hair’ wearers. I decided to try out clip ins for a while and felt they made a huge difference to my hair for nights out. So, about a month ago I decided to get prebonds. Unfortunately ‘Great lengths’ and ‘Gold fever’ were out of my price range so I continued researching for affordable quality.

I decided Platinum Hair Extensions seemed like a good choice for me, so I headed to their salon just off Grafton street to have my hair colour matched.

I was so impressed by the quality of the hair. It feels just like my own. It holds curls a lot better than my natural hair though, which I love because my own goes straight before I even make it out! I have now had my prebonds in for nearly 6 weeks and they are still in perfect condition! They will hopefully last up to 4 months if I keep looking after them well.

How I look after my extensions:

I have quite naturally greasy hair so it needs to be washed every second or third day, I try to avoid washing this often but it’s quite difficult! It is recommended to only wash hair twice a week with extensions so I try only wash mine about three times a week now and my hair has actually adjusted quite well. In my opinion, I don’t think this is a huge deal once you dry the bonds properly afterwards. (This is also another adjustment for me as I used to run out the door with wet hair most mornings for college!)

When washing my hair, I shampoo once, and then apply conditioner to the ends of my hair and leave for a few minutes. I then rinse my hair thoroughly and towel dry as soon as I get out of the shower. I also apply a heat protection serum from Kerastase before drying and styling. I dry my hair using a large brush to lift the roots. I use the hair dryer on a cool setting when drying the bonds, so they don’t become hot, as this may affect how long the bond lasts.

Another thing that concerned me was the extensions or my roots becoming matted but I haven’t had any problems with this, so far (touch wood). I make sure I brush my hair well after washing.


Head over to to have a look at prices and before and afters if you’re interested!

Love Emma X



Review: Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara👀

In my opinion, Mascara is the most important thing in your makeup bag! Even if you don’t have time for a full face, a bit of mascara can work wonders. Personally, I look like I have no eyes without it!

I never found my ‘go to’ mascara that I stuck with over the years, I always seem to be trying different ones but I heard great things about Maybelline’s ‘The Colossal Volume Express’ so decided I’d give it a try! 

This mascara is Maybelline’s first ‘collagen formula enriched with matte shadow pigment which plumps lashes for a dramatic smoky look! It gives a really full, dark and heavily coated lash look.

I love this look so I really like this mascara. I also love the large wand! It’s also available in wash off or waterproof so whichever your personal preference! I went for waterproof

Hope you enjoy!

Emma X


Kendall+Kylie Own Clothing Line


We’ve all heard of Kendall and Kylie’s collections for companies such as Pacsun and Topshop. Well, Now Kendall and Kylie are launching their own online fashion shop called Kendall+Kylie!


You can shop Kendall or Kylie’s style so whoever’s style is similar to yours! Kendall and Kylie will bring out two new designs every week. So, so far there’s only two pieces in their collection:


The Kendall KLUB top and 97 TANK from Kylie. Their tops were first priced at $42 but lowered to $28 soon after!

They offer International shipping so make sure you get yourself to!

Love Emma X