Face Masks I’m LOVING



Anyone who knows me knows I have such dry, dehydrated skin. So, this mask is exactly what my skin needed! Left my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated. It also reduced wrinkles which is obviously a huge plus! Gotta stop this ageing thing ASAP.               Leaves skin feeling so fresh also.

Buy it here.






I luckily don’t suffer from breakouts often but the one things I’m self conscious of when it comes to my skin is my blackheads. This charcoal mask completely detoxes your skin, it cleanses pores and blackheads in just 10 mins!

You can literally feel it working as it starts to foam when you put it on your face.  However, you do look like a transformer while wearing it but it’s only for 10 minutes I promise!

Buy it here.

charcoal mask.jpg



Both face masks are from Beauty along with lots of other beauty products!


Emma Louise X



My Beauty Bay order



Hey Guys!

It has been WAY too long since i’ve written a blogpost! Feels like years. It’s bloody ridiculous I should be put in the bin but I’ve been working hard on my YouTube! Woo! We finally got there. I will definitely be also doing a video for my channel (EmmaLou) including these Beauty Bay products so keep an eye.


So, I ordered from for the first time the other day so I thought I’d tell you a bit about it since a lot of you seem to be interested.

I ordered on Tuesday and my order arrived on Thursday! They said 5-7 working days so that was amazing. It was €100.70 for 9 Makeup Geek eyeshadows, a pigment and Morphe’s 12 piece makeup brush set, They then let me choose a free gift so I chose the St.Tropez gradual tan in shower lotion!





I mainly wanted to order Makeup Geek eyeshadows as I’ve heard so many good things about them. I had researched them to death and by researched I mean watched endless YouTube videos about them to decide which colours I needed to try!

The eyeshadows are €5.90 each which is pretty affordable as they’re the same price as Ingot’s eyeshadows. I just love how they’re all magnetic so you can put them in any flexi palette’s you’d like. So handy!



I chose the colours (Front left to right^):





Peach smoothie



Lemon Drop

Secret Garden


I also bought a Makeup Geek pigment ‘Vegas Lights’.  It was €8.70 for 1.4g. It’s a stunning rose gold pigment! I can’t count the amount of times I have went to Mac and Inglot to buy similar pigments (for double the price) and they’re sold out!



I am in desperate need of eyeshadow brushes for blending out all these eyeshadows so i decided to get Morphe brushes 706 12 piece black and white travel brush set. It was €25.30 which I think is soo affordable but we’ll have to see how good they are! (I’ll keep you posted on my snapchat)

I got their M459 flat contour brush as well as I’ve heard it’s great. It was €12.20.






Hope this was helpful! Any questions at all please ask me I love hearing from you!


Emma Lou X


Nivea MEN Post shaving balm – as primer? 

Hi Guys, 

Been a while since i’ve written a blogpost! I’ve been just trying to get by using my social media sites and especially trying to get the hang of snapchat! Promise blogposts will be a lot more regular now when college finishes up! 

Anyway, I’ve seen the hype about this product or a good while but only recently got around to buying it myself. 

I’m one of those people who’s not great for remembering to put on primer and lately i’ve been trying my best to get myself into the habit of putting it on. I’ve been getting really bad blackheads so i’m hoping primer might help that!

I’ve used post shaving balm a couple of times now and i’m loving it! I liked it the first time I put it on but wasn’t sure if it would do much to keep my makeup on! It was amazing my makeup was still in very good knick even after a night out! 

I use it during the day aswell as at night and I think it does a great job! I’m all for cheap and affordable for us students and it’s only €6.95 in Boots! Amazing! The bottle is huge too so I’d imagine it will last for a good while! 

Hope that helped anyone thinking of purchasing!

Emma Lou X


Kylie Jenner Lipgloss Dupes

Photo: Instagram/@lipkitbykylie

Hi Guys, Happy New Year!

I’m sure you’ve all seen Kylie Jenner’s lip kit. Her range features 3 different colours of liquid lipstick and of course a matching liner! They’re all colours she wears herself. They sold out in just a few hours and people have been selling them for crazy prices since!

If you’re on a budget or just haven’t been able to get your hands on these magic products then keep reading, I have a few dupes for you!

kylie lipstick


The first shade is Candy K, this is a matte, nude shade. It’s so similar to MAC’s Velvet Teddy. This is one of Kylie’s signature colours since her lips have become so famous. If you’re on a serious budget (like myself) and don’t have 20 euro to spare then Wet n’ Wild have the perfect lipstick for you. Their shade 902c is almost identical and it’s only 3 euro! Nyx also have a liquid lipstick called soft matte cream which is v similar – ‘cairo’. Candy K has a very faint pink undertone and the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood. The matte formulation adds dimension and dries quickly.

No.2 is Dolce K. This is another nude tone but it’s a bit more of a mauve as it’s a bit darker. Nyx soft matte cream in Abu Dhabi is a match for this shade. The Nyx soft matte creams are liquid lipsticks also so they’re so similar in texture. You can buy here for only 11 euro. This shade, like Candy K is very easy to wear. Dolce K is ideal for those with medium to dark skin tones, so fab with a bit of fake tan!

Last but certainly not least is Brown K. This shade is quite bold and striking, it would probably be worn a lot less because of this. Nonetheless it’s stunning. If you’re up for giving this tone a go then Nyx has a similar shade in their high voltage lipsticks – ‘Feline’. A lovely cheap alternative.  Nyx can be bought in some pharmacies or online.

Kylie Jenner new lipkit dolce k./candy k/ true brown k. Want to buy:

Hope this helped!

Emma Lou X


Textured Skater dress 👗💄


Dress: H&M – €39.99

Clutch: Asos

Shoes: Penneys/Primark

Watch: Michael Korrs



Bbold Tan Lotion – Dark 



Inglot eyeshadows:

– 108 (3 orange)

-335 (dark orange)

-326 (dark grey/purple)
Laura Mercier Pigment – Eclipse over 326 all over lid

Estee Lauder Double wear – ivory beige

Rimmel Match Perfection – 400 Natural beige




Hi guys,

I’m only getting around to doing a Halloween post now! I know it was over a week ago but I figured it’s better late than never!

So, I think we should definitely all say Gluck and goodbye to the Halloween shops’ costumes like ‘French maid’, please, spare me. For years, Halloween has been a time when young girls dress in these really revealing outfits, I’m not going to lie I’ve done it myself. Finally it’s coming to an end and at least the current scary, dead make up craze is a bit more ‘Halloweeny’ than a corset and tutu.

In my opinion, a homemade Halloween costume (if done well) is 100 times better. Anything you’ve put thought and effort into is bound to be better than just drawing whiskers on your face.

So, this year I decided that rather than spending 30+ on a costume i’d just make my own. Didn’t really end up making a costume as such, just made a ‘halloween outfit’? I only decided to make it on Halloween day so don’t be too judgemental! I spent 6.95 on fabric, I made a crop top and then sewed the rest of the fabric to a black skirt to make myself a little co ord. It did the job!


I decided with this outfit I could kind of be anything along the lines of a Vampire or which if I added makeup &/or accessories. I decided to do Vampire makeup


Here’s another look I did coming up to Halloween (devil😈):


Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

Emma X

Fashion Dress❤️

Hi guys, were kind enough to send me this stunning dress. I struggled to choose from all the lovely pieces on the website but I managed!




 I love a midi I think they are so flattering! This dress is so detailed and beautifully made. I love the sheer fabric of the over skirt over the mini length plain red.

I styled it with black pointed toe heels from Asos

Here are a few of my favourites from

Ax Paris Pattern Skater – €60 


Ax Paris Multi Print rust shirt dress – €37 


Olivia Midi Skirt in black or white – €48

Ax Paris Oriental Pattern Skater dress – €99


Their website has something for everyone and free next day delivery to Ireland and UK (my fave part)! 

Head over to for a look!
 Emma X